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We've gotten a lot of admiration from corporates, industry leaders, learners and design enthusiasts. Look at how are vibrant UX community is spoiling us with all the love.
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Design Sundays Meetup Pictures

Avantika Pidiha

XDP, THEM Consulting

“Design Sundays was one of my first UX meet ups. It was amazing how everyone vibed with eachother so organically. Had a great time, got insights on my career as a UX designer and how to grow. They even shared a number of resources which I found quite useful.

I would highly recommend it to people who are wanting to switch their careers or if they are a fresher in the UX industry.”

Nishant Saini

UX Designer, Drishti

nishant mentor alumni

Syed Nouman

UX Designer, Absolute

“I was an amazing session. Learnt new techniques about portfolio as a product. Do’s and don’ts of mentoring & mentee relation.”

Design Sundays Bangalore Meetup Pictures

Sahor Debbarma

Designer - Mingout

“Loved the session. Quite informative. Also the meeting and connecting with people, sharing experiences was the cherry on top.”

Design Sundays Meetup Pictures

Kritika Vaid

UX Designer, Freelancer

“It was a good meetup, had a lot of fun with everyone. I got to meet like minded designers and made a lot of connections. I really enjoyed the mentoring session as I learned a lot from it and now it has encouraged me to use adp and connect with mentors as in the past I was a bit hesitant, so the session encouraged me to connect with them. Hope you guys continue with these meetups.”

Team Design Sundays
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